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Date: April 30, 2020

Vegetable and fruit supplies during this pandemic

Straight from the farms to your kitchens…..

Anita Exim is an online vegetable and fruit market which helps you buy best quality stuff at wholesale price. Products sold here are straight from the distributor’s basket which means no more middlemen or multipliers to create false inflation.
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Date: April 23, 2020

Hello world!

We are a corporate Farming company established in 2004 & in joint cultivation program with MAHARASHTRA STATE FARMING CORPORATION, an autonomous Government Agency. We Cultivate 1600 acres of land with a variety of fruits & vegetables & cater to domestic and international market.

We follow Good Agricultural Practices & hygienic post harvesting procedures. Most of the farms are accredited to international certifications. In this pandemic situation we avoid purchase from mandi. We solely depend on serving from our own farm & neighbouring small farmers to ensure zero contamination.

  “Agriculture is our wisest pursuit, because it will in the end contribute most to real wealth, good morals & happiness.” Thomas Jefferson

Did you know what you had for breakfast this morning?

Answer: A large amount of Hazardous Chemicals, Pesticides and Insecticides even though you might have washed the fruits before eating.

Source: Times of India

Covid-19 has challenged the Immunity of mankind. Fittest will survive. Immunity ultimately depends on your food intake and DNA. But …..

Unfortunately todays food is full of chemical molecules, instead of immunity boosting it disturbs the DNA, result into diseases like Cancer, Diabetes, Impotency, heart problems ……

Fruits and Vegetables (FnVs) are most vulnerable to heavy chemical doses. FnVs are produced by small farmers and sold to mandis and aggregators (BB, Jio..), who deliver it to your doorstep. These are uncontrolled, lavishly sprayed with carcinogenic and hazardous chemicals.

As a professional I slog down whole the day, travel a long, run after earning, think whole day. End of the day what is My food intake ? A pinch of Monocrotophos, Dimethoate, Chlorpyriphos Cypermethrin ..bla bla bla…

Remember the cancer train of Punjab. YES there is a Problem, a severe Problem !

Wait and think a little about the FnV. Am I not paying for it ??? Is somebody feeding me on charity ??

Is it not My Right to Eat Right, Sure, I am paying for it, the What is the issue ???

Issue is our Culture of buying FnVs. FnVs are sold on roadside, Nike shoes are sold in AC showrooms. Since my childhood the vegetables are sold on roadside, open hawkers faried to whole city on dusty roads.

What is the option, Can you ask small Farmer to stop spraying ?? Hawker to cover it on road ??? Only Solid Option is – Grow your own food. Is that possible ????

Even if you are Health conscious, even suffering diseases; Ready to pay – what is the solution ? Think a while

Who will take on this task ? It’s not one day job, it has to be a lifestyle, over the years…

Think of a situation – you buy from