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Mrs. Anita Bathe

CEO & Co-Founder
10+ years Strategy, Finance

A first class BSc Chemistry and D.Pharm. An expert academic, business guide and statistical strategist. She handles the Financial activities since 2004. Sole proprietor of the firm Anita Exim Corporation. Active in Food, Chemicals and Pharma sectors and Consultancy.

Mr. Sanjay Bathe

25+ years Marketing, Compliance

A Bachelor of Commerce from Symbiosis College, Pune. Core knowledge in Foreign Trade Policy, Customs and cross border Logistics. He is an active management team member with over 25 years of experience with multinational companies. He has been handling Foreign Trade Policy, Imports, Exports and Customs for these companies. He has vast own experience in exports and imports of Fruits, vegetables and processed food. Has acquired formal Training in Green House Management & Post Harvest Management at National Institute of Post Harvest Management, Talegaon.

Mr. P. Ganesh

9+ years Vegetable breeding

A Masters in Agriculture with 10 years of vegetable breeding experience in Vegetable breeding, cultivation and plant protection with different MNC organizations in India and abroad.

Mr Dinesh Bodke

Executive Team
8+ yrs Marketing

He is a Commerce graduate, with 8 years experience in Marketing, Sourcing and Consultancy.

Mr. Khedekar

Executive Team
2+ yrs Field Growing

A Bachelor of Agriculture with experience in cultivation and pesticides.

Mr. Shelar

Executive Team
10+ yrs Field Growing

Mr. Tejas Kokne

Executive Team
2+ yrs Logistics


You are What you Eat

You eat 3 times everyday, over the years. It’s going into your blood. Does change your DNA. Impact your generations. Indian Culture define it as : Satvik Food. Wait a while and give a thought ! Do you have access to Right Food — Vegetables, Fruits ?

Oh NO !!! What is delivered through On-line to my door step, Convenience OR Quality Vegetables ??

  • You don’t have a choice to get Quality Food, right now.
  • You can pay for doorstep delivery, but not for Quality.
  • Does my Online Trader has control over.

Can you grow your Food ? Not possible. We make it possible to get you.

  • Carefully nurtured, Chemical Free,
  • Selected variety Fruits and Vegetables,

RIGHT AT YOUR DOORSTEP!!! Download Our App Now.

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