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a taste of fresh produce

Not yet another Online Vegetables & Fruits Delivery APP


Is this your need to get Hygienic Food ?

As a Smart Homemaker, how do you judge the Quality of Vegetables, you purchase ?

  • You see it very closely, without Mask, headcap.
  • You touch or press it by bare hands, Nibble.
  • You handle at least 5 samples, before buying.
  • Another ugly method is to Lick each fruit for Taste, if allowed to.

Sounds Crazy, Madness !

  • At least 20 Buyers, Traders have touched or pressed the Vegetable you are buying Right Now ! and plan for Dinner today.( it happens in Super Market, Kirana Shop, Mandi and Online Apps)
  • The porter was sitting on the goni for 2 hours and carried it to your retailer. The Hawker taken it to whole area open on Cart, on the dusty roads. Visitors in Super mall mishandled before buying. STOP STOP STOP

How can you Control it / STOP this ? Do you have a Choice ????

  • Your Super market, Kirana Shop, Hawker and Online App startup, do not Own land, do not Cultivate anything.
  • They simply Dump vegetables from Mandi or collection centre to your Home.
    Sorry – They don’t have Choice.

You have GOT the Choice ! Yes

Consumer is King

  • Now you can Select the Right Vegetable Grower N Supplier.
  • We cultivate over 200 Acres, pollution free virgin Land.
  • Use imported Precision machinery to get Quality and Quantity output.
  • We sow selected seed variety and spray selected chemicals.
  • We hygienically Pack at Farm, no multiple handling.
  • Direct delivery to your Home.

We welcome your Society Committee to our Farm and see by yourself

Agritech - Consumer - Retail

Farm Story

  • A joint cultivation program with Maharashtra State Farming Corporation.  200 Acres virgin land, pollution free area.
  • Right Quality and Quantity needs Investments and Efforts. We have already done with it.
  • Experienced Agronomists to nurture the crop cultivation and harvesting.
  • Grading, sorting, cleaning as per hygienic standards.
  • Packing FnV at Farm pack house, no multiple handling.
  • Labeling is made Pimple-Gurav pack house.
  • Direct delivery to your Society.
  • We do not purchase from Mandi, avoid Corona contamination, spread.
  • Our Staff and Labour are medically checked.
  • We sell, whatever we grow carefully and safely.

Safe & Fresh Vegetables are the need of the hour.

Make your own basket by adding fruits & vegetables as per your need.

Get Hygienic, Healthy and Fresh Fruit & Vegetables delivered to your society. Anita Exim has specially made to ensure minimum human contact and keep you safe at home.