Register for EPR Certificate that provides authorization for Plastic Waste Management in India

  • Those who are looking for well-versed EPR(E-Waste Certification) Consultant in Pune, Satara can rest assured that we are the best option.
  • EPR (E-Waste Certification) is a must Compulsory Compliance Requirement (CCR) for Importers of any Product (which contain plastic packaging)
  • Nhava Sheva Customs standing Order No. 03/2023 dated 8-02-2083 refers: Plastic waste management Rule 2022 barred Imports from carrying out any business, without EPR Registration.
  • Avoid Desertion / damage at ports and get Registered for EPR  (Extended Producer Responsibility) soon.

Plastic waste management in India needs authorization or EPR certificate. We provide premium assistance for EPR licenses through easy & error-less documentation & ensure the certification for our clients.

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    An Overview on EPR for Plastic Waste

    We provide registration services for EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility)

    This Extended Producer Responsibility is the one of the protocol that highlights the importance of the manufacture in regulating the life cycle of their products after they are consumed. With their pollution surmounting and increasing year after year, Indian Government started gave EPR policy in 2011 and further accredited CPCB for authorising certification with EPR.

    Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) has been given the authority to authorise new E-waste rules under the jurisdiction of Environment ministry. Companies now have to consult CPCB to get their E-waste management certification, this is where SS GLOBAL SERVICES can use their expertise in making sure your products.

    • EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility) Registration with CPCB, New Delhi.
    • Annual Return filing for EPR.
    • EPR Target fixation.
    • EPR System implementation.

    For more information get in touch at [email protected] | Call Us at +91 97640 01685.

    We provide an efficient system for the collection, segregation, and transportation of waste materials to approved disposal facilities. Reuse your materials in cement kilns, pyrolysis, for road construction, and recycling centers for a greener future.

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      Make sure your business is compliant with Extended Producer Responsibility.

      Take a stand for the environment and commit to Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR). With EPR, you can help conserve natural resources, reduce pollution, and create a healthier future. Benefit from effective and efficient systems that ensure proper collection, segregation, and transportation of materials to approved waste disposal facilities – helping make the world a better place.

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