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The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) offers a food license to all food business operators in India. You need a license to operate your business. Apply today and get your license!

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    The FSSAI License or Registration is a legal requirement for all FBOs to ensure food quality control. It is mandatory to obtain the FSSAI License or Registration number in order to start any food business in India. The FSSAI registration process involves an application submission and the FBO will be issued with a 14 digit number once it is approved by the authority. This number needs to be printed on all food packages and should be displayed at the premises of the food business operator. This is a significant step taken by FSSAI in ensuring that all FBOs comply with the food safety regulations and serve safe and hygienic food products to their customers.

    Services we offer

    • FSSAI Registration.
    • FSSAI Annual Returns filing.
    • Audit preparations.

    Types of FSSAI Licence

    FSSAI Basic Registration

    The FSSAI registration is for food business operators (FBOs) who have small-sized businesses or start-ups. They have an annual turnover of less than Rs.12 lakh. Basic registration can be upgraded depends on your business sales graph productivity.

    FSSAI State License

    The State FSSAI License is for the FBOs which have medium-sized businesses. They have an annual turnover of more than Rs.12 Lakhs or up to Rs.20 crores. The state license can be further upgraded to a central license, all depends on your business sale graph productivity.

    FSSAI Central License

    The Central FSSAI License is applicable for FBOs that have a large business annual turnover i.e. above Rs.20 crores. It is also required in cases where you need to supply at government offices or import/export food products.

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